Power, baby

He’s one of the most unique choreographers and his movement is ferocious and intense. He’s become a hip-hop choreography icon in the last few years, choreographing for Britney, dancing to Justin and appearing on every cover of virtually every Dance magazine. But let’s face it- Wade Robson is enthralling.

A few weeks ago Wade appeared dancing his own choreography in a “circus inspired” piece on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. I was completely transfixed. I particularly like the balloons. And the Umbrellas. And the music.

Check it out on youtube (below) or for much higher quality, watch the show on ABC (which I highly suggest you do!). Robson’s piece aired on the October 16th show about 20 minutes in.

Wade also has a pretty sweet commercial for his own brand of dance shoes. Power, baby.

Watch it on ABC!!!

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1 Response to Power, baby

  1. emma says:

    I loved his piece too (and put it in my very first blog entry haha)! It really was a treat to get to watch him perform. I don’t know if you watch so you think you can dance (why am I addicted to these dancing reality shows? haha), but if you missed it, here’s a clip of one of my favorite Wade routine’s (the sabra & lacey fox routine):

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