The “Trojan War of Massed Energies” Reviewed

Joan Acocella wrote an insightful and honest review of Morphoses for this week’s New Yorker. A ballet and dance writing veteran, Joan has written myriad reviews for the New Yorker and the New York Times, but this is one of her better ones. As she says in her article, movement is ballet’s medium, so describing and writing about ballet is incredibly difficult- especially a powerful ballet. But Joan captures exactly what makes Morphoses remarkable.

“A ballet, to have a story, doesn’t need to show us somebody falling in love or getting killed. The story may be just a tone, or a kind of encounter between two people.”

I thought that at the end of the “Je Ne T’Aime Pas” pas de deux at the end of There Where She Loved Maria Kowroski scorned her lover, not the other way around, but otherwise, Acocella gets it right.

Read it here: The Newcomer

This week’s New Yorker reviews not just new works by one of our favorite choreographers, but also new works by our favorite composer, Philip Glass: The Endless Scroll

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