Idan Raichel Concert


On Monday night, Allison and I saw The Idan Raichel Project in concert at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza. After waiting for nearly two hours in the cold because of a major lack of organization from the venue’s staff – the show was general admission – we saw an amazing concert. Along with Idan, who was on the piano, there were three or four singers, two guitarists, a drummer, and some guys on the trumpet, saxophone, and trombone. Quite an ensemble! The space was fairly small and there was no seating. Although we were packed in like sardines and stepping on one another’s toes, everyone was dancing to the music and really getting into it. In this post, I wrote about the indivisibility of movement and music, which really showed since the audience was on their feet for the whole time. Near the end of the performance, Matisyahu came on as a surprise guest (in the last photo). He was energetic and powerful. Overall, it was a fabulous evening of live music.


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1 Response to Idan Raichel Concert

  1. Shane Bertou says:

    I just saw them perform in Rochester, NY yesterday. Absolutely fantastic!

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