The Road to Ballerina Land

This weekend’s Times had an article about life in the corps de ballet of a company. Here’s an excerpt:

“Aficionados like to talent-scout among the corps, but otherwise no one thinks much about the dancers who, year in and year out, make up that necessary body.”

The more I see ballet, the more I enjoy watching the corps, as an ensemble as well as individual dancers that each contributes something unique to the whole. And it’s incredibly gratifying to watch a corps dancer get more and more featured roles, and perhaps a promotion (Tyler Angle of NYCB was just promoted to soloist, and after watching him for several years dance in both corps and principal roles, I feel that his promotion is well deserved). Although it’s hard not to watch a favorite principal when he or she is front and center, I appreciate and respect the corps for their hard work and indispensable role in the production of a ballet and the life of a company.

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  1. Caleb Custer says:

    Allison and Evan,

    Cedar Lake is inviting NYC dance bloggers for a preview of the winter season and blogger meet-up in January. We’d love to have you guys come if you’re interested. Send me an e-mail if you are. Thanks, -Caleb

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