Improv Everywhere

Imagine walking into Home Depot and every other person is shopping in slow motion. Literally. Or if one day every subway you got on had a plethora of people casually riding pantless. The slogan of Improv Everywhere is “we cause scenes.” And that they do. They go into public situations and execute fun and bizarre “missions” of synchronized silliness. (Similar to Columbia’s Prangstgrup’s infamous and wonderful video, Reach! A Lecture Musical. View here.) But of course, all the bystanders have no idea it’s been coordinated and watch, baffled, confused, and entertained by whatever odd events seem to be unfolding. I recently came across the “Grand Central Freeze” (video above) and thought it was absolutely beautiful. One my favorite things about New York has always been coming across art in the most random and public places. I also enjoyed the “Cell Phone Symphony” mission- only because I relished watching the absolute bewilderment of the usually oh-so-smug staff members of the Strand Bookstore.

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