“Are you the Russian dancer?”

Yesterday, just as I was about to hop onto the elliptical machine at my gym, the man on the machine next to me removed his headphones and asked me the title question of this post: “Are you the Russian dancer?” (It’s funny that he said the Russian dancer – as if there’s only one in all of New York City). Certain that I had misheard him, I said, “Excuse me?” He asked again. I laughed and said, “No, sorry, I’m not the Russian dancer…” “Oh,” he said. “I met a Russian dancer here a few weeks ago and I thought it was you. You look just like her, and you look like a dancer.” I do have Russian ancestry, and I still consider myself a dancer even though dancing has been more of a hobby since I finished college and now work full-time. But I was flattered to have been mistaken for a Russian dancer – probably a professional. Now, however, I’m wondering who it was that he met! Perhaps a famous Russian dancer works out at my gym. Diana Vishneva? I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

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