Deborah Friedes: Blogging from Israel

One of my Barnard dance professors recently emailed me with some information about Deborah Friedes, a former student of hers from the Princeton Ballet School. Deborah is currently studying the modern dance scene in Israel on a Fulbright scholarship by attending dance performances, observing and taking classes, and conducting interviews with choreographers and dancers. In addition to writing about her discoveries on her personal blog, she is podcasting her interviews with Israeli choreographers and dancers on Israel Seen, a website devoted to Israeli culture. In the first podcast, Deborah interviews Niv Scheinfeld and Oren Laor. You can listen to it here, and also see some photos and links to video clips of the choreographers’ work.


(photo of Deborah Friedes, courtesy of Deborah’s website)

Although I was part of an Israeli folk dance group throughout college, and even choreographed a few pieces for the group, I know very little about the contemporary dance scene in Israel. I’ve seen Batsheva Dance Company perform a few times here in New York, and today I took a movement workshop in Ohad Naharin’s “Gaga” movement language (more on that in another post), but there are definitely a lot of other companies and modern dance initiatives throughout Israel that I would love to learn about. I’m excited to follow Deborah’s work and look forward to reading about (and listening to) her findings.

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2 Responses to Deborah Friedes: Blogging from Israel

  1. Hi Evan,

    I love what a small world the dance world is! It’s terrific to see this up here and to read your blog; I just put in a link from the links page on my website to this.

    I see you’ve done a lot of Israeli folk dance (how fun!), and my second interview may be of particular interest to you since choreographer Renana Raz plays with both Israeli folk dance and the Druze debka in her work. It just went up on IsraelSeen, so enjoy! I’m also glad to hear you made it to the Gaga class in New York – it is indeed a wonderful experience . . .


  2. Evan says:

    Hi Deborah,

    The dance world is quite small, indeed. I wouldn’t have learned about your wonderful work if Katie Glasner hadn’t emailed me about it! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Looking forward to listening to your interview with Renana and reading more about your work. Studying modern dance in Israel – what a phenomenal opportunity!


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