Dancers Recycle, Too!

A friend of mine recently sent me the link to a 1999 video of Dance Theatre of Harlem supporting recycling in NYC. I like the nicely choreographed route to the recycling bin! The focus of this blog is on dance and the arts, but since I work for an environmental non-profit organization and care deeply about environmental sustainability, I hope you’re all doing your part by recycling, turning off lights when not in use, and generally being as eco-conscious as possible. Also, if you’re still bagging groceries in plastic or paper bags, spend a few dollars on reusable totes. Many grocery stores even give customers a 5 or 10-cent discount for bringing reusable bags.

If the above link to the video doesn’t work, click here to get to the main page of NYC recycling campaigns, and scroll to the bottom.

For more information on recycling in NYC, check out the NYC WasteLe$$ website.

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1 Response to Dancers Recycle, Too!

  1. Dana Miller says:

    Here’s another cool alternative to paper and plastic bags – BaggyShirts are multi-purpose reusable bags made from recycled clothing! They are made from recycled men’s shirts, and the folks who make them work from their homes and are paid an above-average wage for their industry. Very cool….very green…..check them out at!

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