Rockwell Matters: “Doing His Thing”

John Rockwell, former chief dance critic of the NY Times, hopped on the blogging bandwagon a few months ago with Rockwell Matters.  Here’s an excerpt from his “about” section:

A nagging problem with mainstream print journalism is the continual need to coddle the reader – or coddle editors who blithely assume that their own limitations and prejudices speak for the reader. To be asked to tell the story of an opera every time you review a new performance, or to explain supposedly obscure references to readers who wouldn’t be reading you if they didn’t already know and care about the subject, grew real tiresome in the latter years of my journalistic life. What I like about the idea of a blog is that I can do my thing and others can jump on for the ride or not.

And if they don’t? What is success for a blog, anyhow? Is it pugnaciously outrageous opinions or insults that provoke an equally intemperate response? Is it the number of hits, or comments? I hope this blog interests enough people to count as some kind of tangible success. But if it doesn’t, tant pis (a phrase edited out of my latest book introduction as too obscure).

It sounds like Rockwell felt rather limited by print journalism, and is looking forward to the freedom that blogging offers. 

Check out this post, on the value of historical re-creation of ballets. 

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