Deborah Jowitt Fired from The Village Voice

Word has quickly spread among the online dance community about the firing of The Village Voice chief dance critic, Deborah Jowitt, who had been there for forty years.  This is only one of many dance critics who have been fired (or “laid off” – the more common term) within the past few months, which is scary and alarming, to say the least.

Although it’s wonderful to see an increase in online dance criticism – in the form of personal blogs as well as ones associated with newspapers – this boon seems to correlate with a decrease in paid positions in the print journalism world, which is unfortunate for dance critics like Jowitt who have been in these positions for years.  Many of my fellow bloggers have posted about this, as well, so here are the links to their postings:

Elizabeth Zimmer from Stage Write:


Taylor from Off Center:

Jeff Weinstein from ARTicles:

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2 Responses to Deborah Jowitt Fired from The Village Voice

  1. Philip says:

    I wrote a long comment about this on Taylor’s blog; it raises some very interesting questions in my mind.

    As we discussed at the meet-up, possibly the print media is simply becoming obsolete as the internet takes over.

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