This morning I took a class at Gina Gibney’s studio called recharge+reconnect, which is designed to be a free (that’s right, it doesn’t cost a thing) easy movement workshop to relax through movement. The class was taught by Stevie, one of GGD’s amazing company members, or ‘Teaching Artists’. We started with a short meditation and body visualization before doing simple combinations of basic modern (some contractions), ballet (some tendues), and improvisation (pretend hoola-hooping) to warm up our hips, toes, necks, and all the other extremities that go ignored during the week. The center “combination” was inspired by two questions Stevie asked. We were each asked to complete the sentences “I see” and “I don’t see” and then create movement based on the words with which we answered the questions. Although I’m typically someone who runs at the speed of light from any improvisation, I enjoyed the exercise and had fun linking my own movements with the other dancers’ movements to create the short combination that we did as a group. The class ended with a longer cool-down meditation and cranberry cider.

I’m not someone who has ever invested a lot of time in yoga, meditation, or anything “health and wellness” related, in fact I’m much more of a eat-some-chocolate or watch-a-movie-in-bed-to-relax kind of person. But taking a simple, non-judgmental dance class that had no emphasis on technique or endurance was an incredible breath of fresh air. For anyone who, at the end of the week, feels a little brutalized by the dance world, their job, their boss, or the check-out person at the grocery store who took their bad day out on you, the class is a great way to relax and enjoy movement.

recharge+connect: a free open movement class
Saturday, 10am-12noon, drop-ins welcome
890 Broadway at 19th Street, Studio 5-2 (5th floor), N/R/W/4/5/6/L to union sq or 23rd st
No dance experience is necessary to enjoy the class.
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