Photos from Glassy Essence, Round Two

I returned to Chelsea on Friday night with several friends for a second viewing of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s Glassy Essence. I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time, although there were many more people there, so it was a bit challenging to move freely around the space. After telling my friends so much about the installation and encouraging them to attend, I was pleased that they loved it, too. The wall of blocks (shown above) seemed to be everyone’s favorite part.

I planned on leaving my camera at home since I took so many photos the first time I went. In fact, Matt Murphy and I agreed that we should lock our cameras away to resist taking photos at the second viewing. But at the last second, I decided to bring it along. Here are a few final photos of the installation. Also, check out the Glassy Essence photo page to see photos submitted by audience members.

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2 Responses to Photos from Glassy Essence, Round Two

  1. neath says:

    Excellent photos!!

  2. Philip says:

    The photos make me wish I’d had an opportunity to see GLASSY ESSENCE again…

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