MOMIX at the Joyce, and a Fun Fact

MOMIX dancers in Lunar Sea, photo by Max Pucciariello

MOMIX, a dance company known for its inventive choreography and athletic dancers, is performing two full-length pieces, Passion and Lunar Sea, at the Joyce from now through June 8th. Below is an excerpt from the Joyce’s website:

“Hallucinatory and magical, Moses Pendleton’s company of dancer illusionists continues enchanting audiences this season with its flare for luminous fantasy and otherworldly delight. In PASSION, audiences experience a sensual evening of theatrical brilliance, performed to a haunting score by Peter Gabriel. Also, discover the power of black light visions in LUNAR SEA, a psychedelic experiment in moon gravity.”

I’m really excited about seeing (and reviewing) both pieces within the next few weeks. Performance dates are here, and ticket info is here. Also, fun fact of the day: Pendleton, who was raised on a dairy farm in Vermont, named MOMIX after a dairy supplement for cows!

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1 Response to MOMIX at the Joyce, and a Fun Fact

  1. Philip says:

    That’s a fantastic photo! I have to try to see this…

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