It’s the New York City Dance Parade!

Marcelo Gomes and fellow ABT dancers watch the parade from 890 studios (click to enlarge)

The second annual New York City Dance Parade made its way down Broadway on Saturday, featuring 108 different dance organizations, including hip-hop dancers, salsa, flamenco, ballet, folkloric, and traditional ethnic dance companies. After parading down Broadway and through Union Square, all the dancers gathered at Tompkins Square Park for a 3-hour DanceFest. After watching the parade go past 890, I wandered through Tompkins Square Park to marvel at the complete craziness that ensued. It was great to see dance celebrated so enthusiastically, but also to see they myriad stilt walkers, dancers wrapped around poles with stretchy stuff, and of course, you couldn’t miss the the United States Dance Team, including Miss Dance U.S.A.

More pictures coming soon!

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1 Response to It’s the New York City Dance Parade!

  1. Ariel says:

    Tonya is going to FLIP when she sees this photo.

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