Sneak Peek- Cedar Lake and Gina Gibney

I recently sat in on a tech rehearsal for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and for Gina Gibney Dance’s Spring 2008 Gala. I think it’s fair to say both audiences will be in for an incredible performance. Cedar Lake, whose spring season opens on Monday, June 2nd includes three very dramatic pieces by distinctly innovative yet different choreographers. The rehearsal I watched for Gina Gibney’s Gala was the rehearsal of The Mentor’s Piece, a dance choreographed by Gina for five women who participated in the Mentor’s Program as part of the Domestic Violence Project. More photographs, reviews, and performance details to come next week. Follow the links for more information on Cedar Lake’s Spring 2008 season and the Gina Gibney Dance Women At Work Gala 2008.

Jessica Lee Keller and Acacia Schachte in Angelin Preljocaj’s Annonciation

The Mentor’s Piece, Gina Gibney Dance

Photos by Allison.

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