Cedar Lake Season Photos

Evan and I both saw Cedar Lake twice, and my feelings about their spring season have been similar to hers. It’s a thrill to see extraordinarily talented dancers perform three starkly different works by such brilliant choreographers. Before the season started, I had the opportunity to photograph a tech rehearsal, some of the photos from which are below. The beautiful lines, wonderful facial expressions, and the powerful agility of the dancers makes Cedar Lake an incredible company to photograph. Hopefully the photos will inspire you to take advantage of the final days of the Cedar Lake Spring Season if you haven’t already done so. (And don’t forget about the 50% off blogger discount!)


Jason Kittelberger and Jessica Coleman Scott

Jason Kittelberger

Jason Kittelberger and Jessica Coleman Scott


Acacia Schachte

Acacia Schachte and Jessica Lee Keller

Acacia Schachte and Jessica Lee Keller

Acacia Schachte and Jessica Lee Keller


Ebony Williams and Kristin Weiser (in still) and company

Ebony Williams

Jessica Lee Keller and Nickemil Concepcion

Ebony Williams and Christopher Adams

Ana-Maria Lucaciu and Jessica Coleman Scott


All photos by Allison. Please do not use without permission. (click to enlarge)

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2 Responses to Cedar Lake Season Photos

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  2. Philip says:

    Allison, I also fell under the spell of this Cedar Lake programme and saw it twice. Your photos are simply fantastic, thanks for posting them!

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