Isadora’s Hat

For some time now I’ve been photographing ceramic art found in subway stations throughout New York City. One of my favorites is the 23rd St. station in Manhattan on the N/W line, where different ceramic hats line the walls. Created by Keith Godard in 2002, “Memories of Twenty-Third Street,” as the display is called, is a bunch of different hats made out of small ceramic tiles, each one representing a different personality, most from the first half of the 20th century. Yesterday I stumbled upon the hat of dancer Isadora Duncan. Isadora is considered by many to be the founder of modern dance and her impact on the dance world, as well as women’s rights, was epic. She believed in a release from the rigidity of ballet and she danced in bare feet, long dresses, and loose hair and she is celebrated for the simplicity and vitality of her work.

Isadora circa 1915, photo by Arnold Genthe

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2 Responses to Isadora’s Hat

  1. yesbuts says:

    Two brilliant ideas:
    * the hats on the wall
    * photographing them.

  2. keith godard says:

    i am the artist of the 23rd street station in new york.
    i have been sent a few photos of awaiting passengers posing
    under the hats, but never one under isadora duncan’s.
    your photo is surely the most beautiful. i was lucky to find it.
    many thanks for posting it.
    all the best with your work.

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