Ballet and Botany in Brooklyn

This Sunday, the Green Edge Collaborative will be hosting a potluck dinner and discussion in Brooklyn with Leda Meredith, a former ballet dancer turned botanist who is a “locavore” – the term used to describe someone who strives to eat only locally grown foods – as well as a foraging expert, educator, and environmental activist. She’ll be talking about her experience as a locavore living in Park Slope and sharing excerpts from her new memoir, Botany, Ballet and Dinner from Scratch, which will be published on July 15th. I love learning about dancers who transition to careers completely outside of the dance world. Since I’ve been involved in environmental activism for several years – especially developing and supporting the local foods movement here in NYC – and work full-time for an environmental non-profit, I’m particularly curious about Leda’s career and her shift from ballet to botany. Her memoir will certainly be an interesting summer read.

For more details about the Green Edge potluck and discussion with Leda, click here. And to learn more about Leda, check out her blog!

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1 Response to Ballet and Botany in Brooklyn

  1. Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh! I know Leda, haha. She was the ballet mistress for the Nutcracker I did for 2 years (Dances Patrelle). Didn’t know what she’s been about to, so thanks for posting about this, haha.

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