Cedar Lake’s The Copier: Behind the Scenes

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet appeared on my radar screen after the company reached out to dance bloggers during their 2008 winter season. I was immediately impressed by the dancers, the diverse repertoire, and the welcoming staff. Since then, I’ve returned to Cedar Lake for several other performances, including the company’s Glassy Essence installation, a performance of Ohad Naharin’s Decadance, and their spring season this past June.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be stopping by their amazing Chelsea space to watch rehearsals and track the process and progress of The Copier, a new installation choreographed by Jill Johnson. And I’ll be sharing all of my discoveries, photos, and conversations with Jill and the dancers here on the blog. The Copier will be performed August 20-23 (ticket information is here) with two performances daily, and promises to be an exciting addition to Cedar Lake’s installation series. Stay tuned for my initial conversation with Jill and some photos of the dancers during their first rehearsal.

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  1. mockstar says:

    Love this.

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