Cedar Lake’s The Copier: Behind the Scenes, Part 4

Nickemil Concepcion and Soojin Choi rehearsing Jill Johnson’s The Copier

Before yesterday’s tech rehearsal started at Cedar Lake, choreographer Jill Johnson warned me that The Copier will look entirely different when it premieres tomorrow (August 20th) and suggested that I pass this information along to readers. It was my first time seeing the piece from start to finish with costumes and lighting, and without going into detail about what I observed, suffice it to say that I was fascinated by the movement, fluorescent lighting, and ways in which the dancers interacted. Jill, music composer David Poe, some production staff, and I circled the T-shaped stage throughout the tech run, changing our vantage points and trying out the various seating options. I have included some photos, and I’ll leave you with several words that sprung to mind as I watched the installation: nature; noise; calm; chaos; collectives; individuals; leaders; followers; technology; connections; disconnections.

Don’t forget to order tickets for The Copier, August 20-23, and remember to enter “BLOGCP” where it says “discount code” to get a special discount for blog readers.

Jon Bond


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  1. mockstar says:


    I posted some photos of this too:


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