Crossing the Line: Why Do Politicians Need Artists?

Political Art Embarrasses Me, photo by Julia Mandle, 2007

The 2nd annual Crossing the Line: FIAF Fall Festival kicked off today and will continue through October 5th with performances by several artists working in film, theater, music, art, and dance. This Saturday, from 4 to 6 PM, there will be a free roundtable discussion called Why Do Politicians Need Artists?, which is certainly a relevant (but often ignored) question in this politically charged season. The panel includes three artists whose work has addressed social and political issues, and there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. Admission is free but a reservation is required. RSVP by Thursday, September 18 to rsvp (at) fiaf (dot) org. Click here for more information and the location of the discussion.

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2 Responses to Crossing the Line: Why Do Politicians Need Artists?

  1. tonya says:

    This sounds excellent. Unfortunately I have to go out of town this weekend, but please write about this if you are able to go.

  2. Hey Evan,

    I’m so sorry I can’t make it to this one – I hope you will give us a full report.

    I was, however, able to attend the opening “Crossing the Line” panel. Were you there? What did you think if so? Here are my thoughts, along with some tangents about class in the American arts:

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