Hofesh Shechter’s Uprising

Last week, I wrote at length about the excerpt from Hofesh Shechter‘s Uprising that I saw during the Fall for Dance festival. Of the fifteen pieces (over three programs) I viewed throughout FFD, Uprising was certainly the most exhilarating and memorable. I don’t usually post such long videos, nor do I think videos are a suitable substitute for live dance, but this is too good not to share with others. Try to imagine these excerpts from Uprising performed live – fog flooding the stage, Shechter’s percussive music vibrating through the theater’s floor and seats, the dancers’ sheer energy pulsing through your veins. That’s what it felt like when I saw Uprising at FFD. The section from 4.45 to 5.35 is awesome.

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1 Response to Hofesh Shechter’s Uprising

  1. tonya says:

    Wow — that does look really exhilarating! Thanks for posting the video — this is one of the two FFD dates that I unfortunately didn’t see.

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