Make Art, Not Waste

Image courtesy of DTW’s Blog

It’s cold outside. Really cold. So you might just find yourself rushing into your favorite coffee shop to warm up with a hot beverage. Yum. But instead of mindlessly throwing your cup into an overflowing trash can, make art! Choreographer Layard Thompson and collaborator Machine Dazzle are collecting all paper and plastic cups to create an installation set for an upcoming performance at Dance Theater Workshop. Below are the instructions from DTW’s blog. And be sure to check out Layard Thompson’s performance.

Please consider taking part in a community effort to co-create an installation set for an upcoming Dance Theater Workshop performance!  This project invites you to take part in the creation of a dance by saving your waste. To Layard Thompson and Machine Dazzle, your trash is treasure.


1. SAVE your used disposable paper and plastic coffee and tea cups.

2. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN your used paper and plastic cups.

3. DEPOSIT your artfully RECYCLED and CLEANED cups in the trash can made by cups in our lobby.

4. CONSIDER how recycling your CUPS can directly transform the objective nature of your reality by participating in a mundane art project.

5. HELP Machine and Layard build the set they aspire to create.


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