The Curtains of the NY State Theater

The digitizing of LIFE’s images, which Kristin wrote about on The Winger, is indeed a valuable addition to Google Image. After searching for ballet and the New York State Theater (now the David H. Koch Theater), I discovered some revealing photos: Sometime in 1967, the sparkly gold and silver curtain was replaced with a diamond-patterned curtain, and the current curtain has a slightly different pattern. After doing a little more research, I learned that the NY State Theater has had four different curtains, and the current one has been in use since 1982. I wonder, will a portion of Mr. Koch’s $100 million gift be used to adorn the theater with a 5th curtain?

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Patricia McBride at the NY State Theater, 1967 – photo by Gjon Mili

Karin von Aroldingen, Robert Weiss, and Patricia McBride, later in 1967 in front of a different curtain

photo by Gjon Mili

Damian Woetzel in front of the current curtain, June 2008 – photo by Evan


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