Another Addition to the Overflowing Internet

The internet is almost full, according to Seth Godin. Perhaps this post – or even this entire blog – is contributing to the problem. But Seth brings up some good points, which I thought were worth sharing here:

Ten years ago, you had a shot of at least being aware of everything that mattered. Five years ago, you had to be really selective about what you took in, but at least it was possible to know what you didn’t know. Today, it’s impossible. Today, you can’t even read every article on a thin slice of a thin topic.

You can’t keep up with the status of your friends on the social networks. No way. You can’t read every important blog… you can’t even read all the blogs that tell you what the important blogs are saying.

That being said, does the internet really need another dance blog? Considering that we’re all suffering from information overload, the answer is probably not. But when I reflect on how blogging has connected me – virtually and in the real world – to readers/commenters, other bloggers, and individuals who are passionate about dance, it seems like another addition to the blogosphere wouldn’t be so bad. It’s important to remember that there’s a human being behind every blog post, article, and commenter. Speaking of which, Deborah Friedes and Tal Galili have just launched Dance Bloggers, a new site that aggregates feeds from contributing dance blogs. It’s another way of bringing bloggers and readers together. Check it out.

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2 Responses to Another Addition to the Overflowing Internet

  1. Overflowing, yes. But somehow my cup hasn’t runneth over with dance blogs. As you pointed out, there are many interesting perspectives and angles on the topic. I feel like I learn something or expand my horizons by reading them. And actually the number of dance bloggers out there is still relatively small compared to other niche. It seems like a small group that read one another’s material. That’s why I’m excited about the Dance Bloggers site. It is a great way to connect the blogs under one roof. These types of tools will help make it easy for the community of non-blogging dancers to access and benefit as I have from the great blogs in this niche.

  2. Nice post, Evan – and welcome to Dance Bloggers! Here’s to connecting with other people passionate about dance (and, of course, writing about dance).

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