The Neta Dance Company: Air + Fold

In its 22nd season, The Neta Dance Company will premiere Air + Fold this Thursday at Danspace Project‘s DANCE: Access series, continuing through this Saturday. Fold, the company’s world premiere, is a multidisciplinary work inspired by origami operations that explore the possible meanings of folding and un-folding. Company founder Neta Pulvermacher said, “For me folding isn’t just about the amazing mathematical and architectural concepts that are behind origami designs, but rather what fascinates me is the realization that to fold something means to envision, to make, to take action, to interact with matter and to participate in an act of becoming”. The work features sets by architect Jeff Rosier and an original score played live by Israeli composer Alon Nechushtan.

Completing the program is Air, a majestic work for twelve women, set to Handel’s Dixit Dominus. Born of an atheist yearning for a vision of heaven unshackled by religious and historic conventions, Air derives its grace from the singular beauty of Handel’s score.

The Neta Dance Company was founded in 1986 by Juilliard graduate and Israel native Neta Pulvermacher. The company is known for pushing the boundaries of dance by merging movement, philosophy, science, music, intuition, narrative, and imagery to suggest new meanings and possibilities, creating a living, breathing theatrical space.

The Neta Dance Company: Air + Fold
February 26-28, 8:30 PM
Danspace Project, St. Marks Church
131 East 10th Street at Second Avene
Buy tickets online or call 866.811.4111

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