Dancing Lady Orchids

With the weather forecast looking good for this weekend, it’s a perfect time to check out The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden. This year’s theme is “Brazilian Modern”, and the show, designed by landscape architect Raymond Jungles, pays homage to the work of Brazilian designer, artist, and self-taught horticulturist Roberto Burle Marx. Thousands of richly colored orchids and other plants, along with some ponds and artwork, create a lush, tropical setting within the conservatory that is truly memorable. I even came across an orchid whose common name is “dancing lady” (shown above). Below are some photos I took at the Garden last weekend. The Orchid Show is on display until April 12.

All photos by Evan Namerow

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1 Response to Dancing Lady Orchids

  1. wideningthei says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures! I love orchids and these are gorgeous.

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