Arts Journalism and Naharin Film at 92Y Tribeca

On April 30th, 92Y Tribeca is hosting two exciting, back to back events. The first, at 7 PM, is a talk entitled Print vs. Blog: The Many Faces of Cultural Journalism, which examines the evolving arts journalism landscape. Staff from the Village Voice and Gothamist will lead the discussion and (hopefully) offer some insight about the future of print and online journalism.

At 8 PM, there will be a screening of Out of Focus, Tomer Heymann’s 2007 documentary that follows Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin during rehearsals with the dancers of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. Naharin spent a generous three months setting Decadance on the company in 2007. He is the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company, which performs his work worldwide and trains in Gaga, the unique movement language that Naharin developed. I had a fabulous experience with Gaga last spring and have seen Batsheva perform several times (most recently in Max at BAM), but Naharin tends to shy away from the spotlight. The screening of Out of Focus is a unique opportunity to hear from the choreographer himself, watch him interact with the dancers, and respond to Heymann’s questions. The below clip from the film is intriguing. It’s not often that a choreographer is willing to make decisions to avoid offending dancers, or admit that his own choreography bores him.

April 30th at 7 PM, $10
Print vs. Blog: The Many Faces of Cultural Journalism

April 30th at 8 PM, $12
Screening of Tomer Heymann’s Out of Focus

92Y Tribeca – 200 Hudson Street at Canal Street

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