Jacob’s Pillow Wants to Know…

Jacob’s Pillow, home to an international dance festival since 1933, invites the public to respond to the following question: Why do you dance? Whether you’re training for a professional career or dancing alone in the kitchen, The Pillow wants to hear from people around the world by sharing their thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing info (at) jacobspillow (dot) org.  Everyone’s responses will be posted on the Pillow’s website throughout the summer.  So far, the responses include: “It’s my drug”, “What else would I do?”, “I dance because it makes my entire body smile”, and “Pays the rent”.  Join this community effort, tell the Pillow why you dance, and check back often to view the responses.

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2 Responses to Jacob’s Pillow Wants to Know…

  1. One critical reason I dance is to give my body a chance to experience pleasure. For one reason or another, I have always suffered from chronic pain. Dancing gives me some control over that and (when it isn’t causing me more pain, which at my age is even more difficult to avoid) dancing allows joy into my life. Lucky for me there are so many varieties of dance, there is always one I can manage. Today, it is North African dance.

  2. Evan says:

    Thank you for sharing, Renee! Dancing can certainly be pleasurable. In fact, Ohad Naharin, artistic director of Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company, created a movement “language” called Gaga, which is centered around the idea that moving should first and foremost be pleasurable. And as the body ages, finding joy in movement is far more important than perfect technique or amazing extensions.

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