The Spectacular High Line

A view from the High Line

If you haven’t yet explored the High Line, I strongly encourage you to head to Manhattan’s west side to see what all the hype is about.  The High Line, which was a railway line for delivering cattle before reopening last month as a public park thanks to a decade of advocacy efforts, does not disappoint.  Last night, plenty of people and I leisurely strolled along the elevated promenade while enjoying the gorgeous sunset over the Hudson River and New Jersey skyline.  The integrated landscape (with more than 210 plant species), architectural design, abundant seating, relocated rails, and public art installation by Spencer Finch, combine to create a magical setting.  Snippets of overheard conversation indicated that visitors (including me) were awestruck and grateful for this peaceful escape from the city streets, which somehow still feels very much a part of the city.  The High Line is a truly magnificent addition to New York City and a model for exceptional urban design.  I’m looking forward to the second and third phases of the project.

All photos by Evan Namerow

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