Nicholas Leichter Dance: A Space Funk Invasion

Nicholas Leichter and Monstah Black

Throughout the next week, Sitelines 2009 and the River to River Festival will present Nicholas Leichter Dance in A Space Funk Invasion.  The outdoor, site-specific premiere will be performed at The Seaport’s historic cobblestone district, so that passers-by and patrons of four outdoor bars around the perimeter of the area can take in the performance, which includes music by Daft Punk, The Time, and Monstah Black.  According to the press release, the audience should be prepared to see Nicholas Leichter Dance and Monstah Black “bring the energy, sweat, swagger, history and future of funk music, culture, fashion, and dance to The Seaport’s historic cobblestone district.”

A Space Funk Invasion is free and open to the public, located at Fulton and Front Streets.  Performances are July 22nd and July 27th through 29th at 6 PM, and July 23rd and 30th at 1 PM.  Take the A/C trains to Broadway-Nassau Street or the 2/3/4/5/J/M/Z trains to Fulton Street.

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