Laid Off NYCB Dancers Speak Out

NYCB dancers at the NY State Theater, photo by Kyle Froman

Several of the eleven corps de ballet dancers recently laid off from New York City Ballet spoke out about their experiences and future plans in a recent NY Times article.  After the company chose not to release any information about the layoffs, reveal the dancers’ names, or formally recognize them before their final performances, it seems appropriate to hear the dancers share their side of the story and speak openly about their mixed feelings toward the company’s management.  As Daniel J. Wakin, the author of the article, accurately wrote, “The corps, like the chorus in an opera, is the body of workhorses who provide the backbone for most of the repertory”, but “they rarely receive the spotlight of soloists and principal dancers, who are often showered with flowers and recognition when they retire.”
On ArtsBeat, the arts and culture blog of the Times, Wakin also wrote a post inviting readers to offer advice to laid-off dancers.  There have been a wealth of responses and quite a range of opinions regarding how dancers should move forward.  You can join the discussion, or leave a comment here.

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