Butoh Workshop at The Living Theatre

Eseohe Arhebamen, photo by Ji-hyun Chung

This Sunday, poet, dancer, and choreographer Eseohe Arhebamen/Edoheart will lead a Butoh dance workshop at The Living Theatre.  Known as the “Dance of Darkness”, existing somewhere between performance art, avant-garde theatre, and spiritual practice, Butoh is ultimately a free form, concerning existences, and is useful in all practices.

The four-hour workshop will be split into three parts: Basic Butoh, Sight, and Poetry/Language. In the first section, Basic Butoh, exercises will deal with tempo, continuity, and possession. In Sight, exercises will attempt to regain the imaginative creation of alternate environments through meditation in movement. The final section, Poetry, exists in two subsections. The first is using the body to create personal language for public interaction. In the second, we will deconstruct the word emotion by exploring the source of vocal expressions while in movement.

The workshop is on Sunday, August 9, from 2 to 6 PM at The Living Theatre: 21 Clinton Street between E. Houston and Stanton.  The cost is 15 dollars at the door.  No dance or theater training is required to participate.

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2 Responses to Butoh Workshop at The Living Theatre

  1. Douglas Allen says:

    A spiritual and focused workshop taught by a very capable and wise instructor, Eseohe. Very glad I attended…

  2. Beth Manes says:

    Eseohe brought light to the demanding depths of Butoh using unexpected but effective methods. Much appreciation for this cathartic and challenging workshop!

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