Gibney Dance: View Partially Obstructed

How do we come to terms with knowing so little?  Gina Gibney poses this question in her newest work for Gibney Dance, View Partially Obstructed, which premiered at Baryshnikov Arts Center on Tuesday evening.  The hour-long piece explores the subjective nature of perception and the fact that we can never see or feel everything.  In spite of having incomplete or distorted information, we shape our understanding of ourselves and others based on what we know.

View Partially Obstructed features a brooding score by Ryan Lott, with a mix of delicate piano and electronics, and a sleek set design by Lex Liang that allows the piece’s five dancers to move transparent, rectangular panels along a suspended grid.  Live animation by Joshue Ott/superDraw creates projections that echo and interact with the dancers’ fluid partnering, meditative pauses, and curving limbs.  The movement, music, design, and animation combine to create a viewing experience that is deeply personal.  Without fully understanding the creative process for Gibney, the performers, and the collaborators, the audience can choose what to watch and how to interpret it.  Where one viewer might find something meaningful, another might feel unaffected.  It’s all a matter of perception.

Gibney Dance performs View Partially Obstructed through Saturday, October 17th, 8 PM, at Baryshnikov Arts Center: 450 West 37th Street.  On Friday evening, there will be a post-performance Q&A and reception.  Tickets can be ordered through SmartTix or by calling 212.868.4444.  General admission is $20.  Seniors, students, and dancers can obtain $15 tickets with the discount code “DANCE” through SmartTix.

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