Pointe Shoe Tossing

On my way back to the Beacon train station after visiting the Dia, I looked up and snapped some photos of this puzzling image.  I wonder who wore these pointe shoes, for what performance, when, where, and how many tries it took before their owner got them slung over the wires.  There are lots of explanations for shoe tossing, but the meaning behind this one is definitely a mystery.

photos by Evan Namerow

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3 Responses to Pointe Shoe Tossing

  1. Julie says:

    Fabulous pics! Would love to know the story behind it. I can only imagine…

  2. MLH says:

    That IS fantastic.

  3. tutu60 says:

    Maybe the pointe shoes themselves did a grande jete’ and forgot to take the dancer…..

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