Into the Twittersphere

I joined Twitter, much to my own surprise.  In addition to loathing the idea of logging into another system everyday (after work email, personal email, work databases, Facebook, and this blog) and learning the Twitter lingo, I simply didn’t want to define myself in 140 characters or less.  So, Twitter was not for me.

Some recent events have made me reconsider my position, and after weighing the pros and cons and assessing Twitter’s sociological implications (yes, it went there) with friends and acquaintances, I suddenly found myself immersed in the Twittersphere.  So far, I’ve found that Twitter has been most useful not for answering the question “What are you doing?”, but rather for responding to, “What (online content) are you reading?” or “What upcoming event should I be aware of?”   I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing links to content that I find interesting, and following other individuals and organizations has kept me informed and entertained.

In addition to retweeting all of my blog posts, I’m sure that my tweets will include links that reflect a plethora of other topics, along with stories or news that I find to be funny, insightful, outrageous, poetic, political, perplexing, touching…the list goes on (Note: I have no plans to tweet about what I ate for breakfast or which celebrity I saw on my way to work).  So if you’re interested, I invite you to follow me.  My tweets are protected, so just log in and send me a request.  See you in the ‘sphere!

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3 Responses to Into the Twittersphere

  1. Joey says:

    But I WANT to know what my favorite writers eat for breakfast! Boo hoo! I guess I’ll settle for tweets with substance ;-) Bienvenue!

  2. Evan says:

    Thanks, Joey! I’d be happy to share what I eat for breakfast in person, at our next Lost Gen meet-up :)

  3. I really liked your comments on Twitter. I felt the same way about blogging before I started one of my own…now I’m never happier than when I’m writing my next blog. I wrote one recently called “In Support of Small Talk” that you might enjoy. I can send address if you’re interested.

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