David Zambrano’s Soul Project

David Zambrano's "Soul Project", photo by Anja Hitzenberger

From tonight through Saturday at 8 PM, Danspace Project’s PLATFORM 2010: i get lost presents Soul Project, a dance piece conceived and directed by David Zambrano, a major figure in international contemporary dance. Soul Project is about the soul in all its manifestations: spiritual, abstract, musical, personal. Inspired by the depth and strength of American Soul singers like Aretha Franklin, Patty LaBelle, Tina Turner, and James Brown, Zambrano set a challenge to each member of his international cast to evoke movement and sound from within, using the evocative intensity of Soul music as inspiration. He creates a body language that is full, eloquent, and emotionally profound.  Zambrano will perform with Edivaldo Ernesto, Nina Fajdiga, Milan Herich, Peter Jasko, Horacio Macuacua, and Hermes Malkotsis.

$18 tickets to Soul Project can be ordered online, by calling 866.811.4111, or in person at Danspace: 131 East 10th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

PLATFORMS 2010 is a series of guest curated platforms as part of a new initiative at Danspace.  Choreographer and multi-media artist Ralph Lemon has curated the first platform, i get lost, which is an extension of Lemon’s research into trance, kinetic energy, and alternative states of consciousness in contemporary performance and dance contexts.

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