YelleB Dance Ensemble Presents Pericardium

This weekend at Joyce SoHo, YelleB Dance Ensemble presents the premiere of Pericardium, a multicultural, multidisciplinary work that reveals human stories of physical and emotional walls.

Since 2006, NYC-based choreographer Ella Ben-Aharon has engaged in an artistic collaboration with Israeli video artist Adi Shniderman and German architect Matthias Neumann, continually exploring the use of portable walls as means of reconfiguring space while finding the delicacy of influences between body, virtual, and physical spaces.  In Israel, Edo Ceder has started creating a video dance with British filmmaker Dan Farberoff to be filmed at the Separation Wall (also called the Israeli West Bank Barrier or Security Fence) in an attempt to screen it on both sides and spark a dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis who live daily by the wall.

The essence of Pericardium lays in the ambiguous consequences of building a wall: Protection vs. Isolation, Visible vs. Invisible, Unity vs. Separation, Support vs. Obstacle, and Inside vs. Outside.  Does building a defense wall bring familiar comfort? Who does it really enclose? Who does it protect? Pericardium strips political agendas and reveals personal stories within.

Pericardium will be performed at Joyce SoHo, May 27th through 29th, at 8 PM.  Tickets can be ordered online or by calling 212.242.0800.

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