Strange Action Comes to PS 122

Isabel Lewis, photo by Arturo Martinez Steele

I first saw Isabel Lewis perform last year with Lewis Forever at the New Museum – as part of a memorable Performance Club outing – and was intrigued by the unpolished, improvisational nature of the show.  From June 3rd through 6th she’ll present STRANGE ACTION: a solo in three seemingly unrelated parts at PS 122.  The evening-length premiere is about “the peculiar act of performing”.  Here’s the description:

Isabel Lewis resurrects her depiction of Mr. T, using him and a few other icons as the unexpected reference points of a discussion by way of performance about the strange act of performing itself. Making minimal use of stage design and media elements Lewis tightens the focus around the presence of the performer in an anti-gesamtkunstwerk, using language and movement to frame her interplay of associations and disassociations. Drawing on a range of references from B.A. Baracus to Beckett, Lewis weaves a circuitous narrative about altered states, imagination, connectivity, process, and fiction.

STRANGE ACTION will be performed June 3rd through 6th at PS 122: Thursday through Saturday at 8 PM, Saturday at 10 PM, and Sunday at 6 PM.  Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 212.352.3101.  PS 122 is located on First Avenue at 9th Street, NYC.

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