Like No Other

I’m currently in San Francisco, where this Sony ad was filmed a few years ago.  The city’s hilly streets brought out the best in these colorful bouncy balls, don’t you think?  So beautifully un-choreographed, they really have a life of their own.

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1 Response to Like No Other

  1. Sharron Eisenthal says:

    Evan, welcome home. I had dinner with your parents last night before going to the premiere of the new Bigonzetti ballet at NYCB. Is it on your list of things to see now that you’re back in NY? I hope so, since I’d love to know your opinion of it.
    This video of the bouncing balls is terrific…why don’t more advertisements utilize perception-bending concepts like this?
    Congratulations and great good luck in your New School program. Let us know how you’re enjoying it.
    xo Sharron

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