DOUBLE VISION Presents Hysteresis

Blaine Bookey, Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor, Emily Gorman, and Cecelia Peterson in Hysteresis, photo by Rick Mellor

San Francisco-based dance company DOUBLE VISION will present the east coast premiere of Hysteresis at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York City on Friday, July 9th and Saturday, July 10th.  Under the direction of choreographer Pauline Jennings and composer Sean Clute, DOUBLE VISION has created un-conventional inter-media performances fusing dance, music, and video that embody the changing landscape of contemporary culture.  Free from traditional structures and narratives, Hysteresis evokes an abstract dreamscape rich in complex shapes, relationships, and points of meditation. To deliver a rich, visceral experience, unique to each audience member, the work presents them with unknown customs, languages, and symbols through movement, sound, and the implementation of hysteretic systems. Fleeting patterns dissolve into autonomous poly-rhythms and intersecting lines as five dancers slip through light – leaping, twisting, striking, and resisting rest.

Hysteresis features choreography by Pauline Jennings, music by Sean Clute, lighting design by Ben Coolik, costuming by Andrea Campbell and performances by Blaine Bookey, Emily Gorman, Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor and Cecelia Peterson.

DOUBLE VISION will perform on Friday, July 9th at 9 PM and Saturday, July 10th at 8 PM at the Merce Cunningham Studio: 55 Bethune Street, NYC.  Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 347.329.1296.

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