There is so much mad at DTW

Faye Driscoll’s There is so much mad in me, photo by Yi-Chun Wu

From September 22nd through 25th, Dance Theater Workshop will present a return engagement of Faye Driscoll’s There is so much mad in me, which premiered this past spring to a sold out house.  You do not want to miss your chance to see this mind-blowing work! An examination of shifting states of consciousness as choreography, There is so much mad in me asks how we feel and connect in this time of over stimulation and look at me distraction. Investigating ritual from torture to religious rapture, There is so much mad in me lives within the similarities between polar extremes.

If you’re eager to read more, below is an excerpt from my full review of There is so much mad in me’s premiere last spring. Otherwise, save the reviews for later and get yourself a ticket before the shows sell out!

…Whether they were entangled on the floor, climbing a wall, charging through the aisles, or pouring out one emotion after another, the cast showed full, fearless commitment to this emotionally and physically challenging piece.  In fact, the dancers were so effective that their experiences were equally challenging for the audience.  Lindsay Clark’s confusion about which man to trust was the audience’s confusion, and Jacob Slominski’s terrorizing rage pulsed through every person in the theater.  At the same time, There is so much mad in me allows – even encourages – the audience to be voyeuristic.  We witness and experience more emotions and socio-cultural issues than anyone can handle in a week, let alone a 75-minute performance, and yet media bombards us with this stuff on an ongoing basis.  How much information is too much?  Where do we draw the line between voyeurism and compassion?

Read the full review here.

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