Faye Driscoll Dance Group Has Launched

Tony Orrico, Jesse Zaritt, and Lindsay Clark in "There is so much mad in me", photo by Yi-Chun Wu

Last week, during the revival of Faye Driscoll’s There is so much mad in me at Dance Theater Workshop, the choreographer eagerly announced that she is launching Faye Driscoll Dance Group.  Friday evening’s performance – even more riveting and chilling than my first viewing of the work last April, with the same fearless cast of nine dancers – received a well-deserved standing ovation followed by a short speech from Driscoll about the start of her new company.  It’s an exciting and scary time to start a company, but Faye Driscoll is definitely one of today’s contemporary choreographers completely deserving of the public’s support and all success that comes her way.  I wish her company the best of luck, and hope to see her work again very soon.  You can donate to Faye Driscoll Dance Group through her website.

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