Autumn Crossing on the High Line

photo by Cristina Macaya

Head over to the High Line beginning this Wednesday at 6 PM for Autumn Crossing, a free open-air performance by dance artist Naomi Goldberg Haas, Dances for a Variable Population, and senior citizens from Hudson Guild, a multi-service agency that provides programs and services to seniors and other residents of the Chelsea community.

Autumn Crossing celebrates community, the joy of dance, and the arrival of fall in New York City.  It features rich, colloquial movements that seek to erase the traditional boundaries between dancers and non-dancers by mixing senior citizens and young adults and professionals. The performance explores how these disparate groups can learn from one another about the nature of movement and expression.

Autumn Crossing will be performed on the High Line at 16th Street (Chelsea Market Passage) at 6 PM on Wednesday, September 29th, Thursday, September 30th, and Friday, October 1st, and at 2 PM on Saturday, October 2nd.  Free and no RSVP required.

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