Beyond Balanchine: Jennifer Homans to Speak at 92Y Tribeca

Ballet history buffs – this one’s especially for you!  Jennifer Homans, a historian, dance critic, and the author of the 2010 book Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet, will be speaking at 92Y Tribeca on Wednesday, February 9th at 12 PM about the historical and political context of ballet.  From 92Y’s website:

“The dramatic defection of the Kirov Ballet’s Rudolf Nureyev to the West is just one pivotal event in the colorful history of ballet. Jennifer Homans follows ballet across continents and through time from its beginnings as an elegant Western European court art to its elaboration under the Russian tsars to its high-water mark in America and the USSR during the cold war. Learn why ballet was not only artistic, but political, bound up with the fate of kings, courts and states.”

$16 tickets to this event can be purchased online.  92Y Tribeca is located at 200 Hudson Street, between Vestry and Desbrosses Streets.

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1 Response to Beyond Balanchine: Jennifer Homans to Speak at 92Y Tribeca

  1. Jeremy says:

    I missed this talk but I heard her on Fresh Air (NPR). Also, I didn’t realize that she was married to Tony Judt – just found that out recently.

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