Gibney Dance Center Announces Major Expansion

Exciting news from Gibney Dance Center!  This is certainly a wonderful addition to the dance community.  Below are excerpts from the press release:

Gina Gibney, artistic director of Gibney Dance, is pleased to announce the expansion of the Gibney Dance Center (GDC) in the historic performing arts building at 890 Broadway in New York City.  This added space will be a tremendous asset to the arts community, making high quality, affordable space more broadly available and accessible.

In 1991, Gibney operated a single studio at 890 Broadway as a home base for her company and the dance community, and she officially launched the Gibney Dance Center in 2010 when she acquired two additional spacious studios.  GDC is now adding 8,400 square feet of pillar-free space scheduled for a grand opening in July 2011.  This new expansion will house four additional studios, including one extra-large 70′ x 45′ space, all of which will be available for rehearsals, showings and special programs.  The expanded facility will also provide a green room, dressing rooms, storage rooms, production offices, a media room and new office space. The additional facilities will support the role of GDC as a creative hub for dance artists and as a home base for Gibney Dance.

GDC’s expansion has been made possible with generous support from Eliot Feld’s Ballet Tech, the Board of Directors and Honorary Board of Directors of Gibney Dance, and the Jerome Robbins Foundation.

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