The Window Sex Project

My friend and college classmate, Sydnie L. Mosley, has initiated an exciting project that has the potential to have a powerful impact on women.

The Window Sex Project addresses and tackles the every day practice in which women are “window shopped,” that is, forced to bear unsolicited verbal harassment from men while walking down the street. Through community workshops and choreographed performance, The Window Sex Project will give voice to these concerns and restore agency to women by equipping them to manage street harassment, celebrating their bodies and creating a public artwork, specifically a dance performance which takes place in an art gallery.  In addition, the project encourages women to share their stories about street harassment.

The performance component of The Window Sex Project investigates how a woman’s sexuality is perceived based on the physical attributes of skin color and body type. The work places six women of varying races and body types on pedestals in an art gallery setting, forcing audiences to contend with the objectification of the female body in a contemporary society. The project aims to equally celebrate all the bodies illustrating how each woman’s sexuality is unique to her rather than outside perceptions. This work is grounded in personal experiences, feminist theory, and a collective need to take action.

The community workshops aim to address and tackle street harassment in Harlem in both a practical and creative manner. The workshops rooted in movement, discussion and healthy eating will investigate the way in which the bodies of women in Harlem are perceived.  Registration is now open for the first two community workshops to take place on June 25th at Grosvenor House YMCA and July 16th at Barnard College.

The Window Sex Project is a Harlem community arts and performance initiative produced by Sydnie L. Mosley Dances in partnership with Grosvenor House YMCA, Barnard College Dance Department, Barnard Center for Research on Women, Hollaback! NYC, RINY Media, and the Citizens Committee of NYC.

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