Zoe Scofield Wins Princess Grace Award

Zoe Scofield, photo by Juniper Shuey

I was very pleased to learn that Seattle-based choreographer Zoe Scofield is a 2011 recipient of the Princess Grace Award in choreography.  Scofield, along with her husband, visual artist Juniper Shuey, truly impressed me in 2009 with their haunting evening-length work the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t at Dance Theater Workshop.  She also made an impact when I saw excerpts of her work at the 2010 American Realness festival.  Needless to say, the Princess Grace Award is incredibly well deserved, and I’m eager to see Scofield’s newest work, A Crack in Everthing, at New York Live Arts in spring 2012.  Read the full press release about the Princess Grace Award recipients here.  Below is an excerpt from my review of the devil you know, which you can read in its entirety here.

the devil you know is simultaneously refined and raging, guided not by a narrative, but rather by an accumulation of emotions. Hidden beneath the wildly explosive movement and ghostly stares is a vulnerability that runs its course throughout this stunning piece.

…The satisfying rawness of the devil you know is not only apparent in the movement, but also in the embodied emotions emanating from the dancers’ cells. Scofield, in particular, is possessed by a force that overwhelms her soul, causing her to wildly convulse and gasp without warning. Yet, she succeeds at breaking down the theater’s fourth wall by sucking the audience into her emotional state with the subtlest of glances.

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1 Response to Zoe Scofield Wins Princess Grace Award

  1. Thanks so much for your post. we look forward to being at NYLA this year and hope you enjoy our newest work. We are just getting back from its premiere at Jacob’s Pillow and at the Bates Dance Festival.

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