Displaced (A Dancer Portrait Series)

David Hallberg, photo © Matthew Murphy

Dance photography frequently shows athleticism, virtuosity, and technical prowess, but rarely do we see images that capture more intimate, emotional moments of dancers in stillness.  That’s what my friend and NYC-based photographer Matthew Murphy strives to achieve in “Displaced”, a dancer portrait series featuring both emerging and established dancers.

The project’s Kickstarter campaign, which needs to raise $2,000 by October 17th, includes a video in which Matthew shares more about his inspiration for “Displaced”.  Supporting the project will help bring the photo series to a November gallery show at Dance New Amsterdam in downtown Manhattan.

Matthew has already made a significant contribution to dance and theater in NYC — his photos have appeared in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, and many other publications, and he is a former member of American Ballet Theatre.  But “Displaced” shows a more introspective side of the dancer, which is why I’m drawn to it.  Featuring Wendy Whelan, David Hallberg, Risa Steinberg, Laura Halzack, and Ashley Bouder, among many others, “Displaced” reveals dancers as individuals rather than as performers. Take a moment to visit the project’s Kickstarter page and consider making a contribution.

Wendy Whelan, photo © Matthew Murphy

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