Dance Sketchbook

Dancer Jeremy Finch has just released “Sketchbook”, a short video combining dance and hand-drawn animation. It’s a personal look at his decision to pursue his passion for dance (in all its joys and frustrations), and beautifully combines contact improvisation with a thoughtful narrative and animation. The video is long, but definitely worth watching.

My favorite line: “But maybe we should consider the possibility that there’s a sort of alchemy that only reveals itself when you remove rational thought and mix together muscle fiber and spontaneity and bone and momentum and trust and open space…The human body, in all its complexity…wants desperately to stretch its abilities and move. Shouldn’t we let it do that more often?”

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1 Response to Dance Sketchbook

  1. This doesn’t have anything to do with your post, but I’ve been sharing the following film and it seems like something you’d be interested in.

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